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Anchorage UU Fellowship will join Alaskan interfaith leaders, Alaska Native Elders and climate scientists on November 5 for an interactive conversation to inspire meaningful action on climate change through greater respect for the earth and one another. 

The afternoon discussion will be held at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and will be moderated by Libby Roderick, composer of “How Could Anyone” in our UUA hymnal supplement, Singing the Journey.  

Information on the free community event is available at the Alaska Interfaith Power & Light website, http://akipl.org/programs/akiplevents. The same event was held in Fairbanks last spring.

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From Fairbanks, AK to Bend, OR to Sequim, WA, eleven congregational leaders from across the PNWD, are attending a semi-virtual leadership school with instructors Kristen Dillon and Tandi Rogers. October’s focus of ‘Leading Faithfully’ has students diving into the ideas of Functions of Leaders, Appreciative Inquiry, and Small Group ministries. How? The group meets monthly on a webinar to be ‘in touch’ and gather info on the topic of the month, then they receive resources and assignments via Moodle, a free Virtual Learning Environment hosted by the PNWD. Here they can view linked videos, post responses to teacher and participant inquiries, work on group assignments and ask questions. All from the comforts of their own home as it fits into their weekly schedule. Next month they’ll be learning a new way of looking at congregations with Systems Theory. Don’t you wish you were there!

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Susan Leslie, Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director for the UUA, will give an overview of what’s going on with immigration policy, its impact on immigrant communities and what congregations can do to get educated and work in solidarity with the immigrant community. She will also inform us on how to link up with UUA and other UU congregations around immigration issues. Register here to reserve your spot.

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The first Chalice Lighter call for this church year will support the Community UU Church in Pasco, in southeastern Washington. This summer the old HVAC system in their recently acquired building failed, and a new system was needed right away, not later in accordance with their adopted plan and budget. Pasco had some cash reserves allocated to other important growth plan goals, so they were able to forward fund the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment. However, that means those reserves are no longer available for projects with a higher priority. This call will restore the fund and allow Pasco to continue as planned. Contributions to the Pasco call are being accepted through November 7.

The Chalice Lighter Program assists the growth of new and existing congregations in the Pacific Northwest District by providing grants funded exclusively through the generosity of our Chalice Lighter donors. Chalice Lighters pledge to give at least $15 to each of (no more than) three calls per year. If you would like to join ranks with over 2,400 PNWD Chalice Lighters, click here.


The UUA General Assemby Planning Office has announced that program proposals for the 2012 General Assembly — a Justice GA — will now be accepted until the new deadline of November 30. This extends the former deadline of November 1.

Proposals submitted via the 2012 General Assembly Program Proposal Form will be reviewed by the GA Program Development Group (PDG), a diverse team of Unitarian Universalist Association staff and members of the GA Planning Committee. For GA 2012, a Justice GA, the PDG will also include representatives from the Arizona Immigration Ministry (AZIM) and the GA 2012 Accountability Group.

The Program Development Group is charged with identifying excellent General Assembly programming – education and preparation that will build the capacity of Unitarian Universalists to stand in opposition to systemic racism and to witness on immigration, racial and economic justice. The PDG will review all submitted proposals and will select approximately 100 proposed events for inclusion on the General Assembly schedule.

To merit consideration, proposals submitted for the 2012 GA should be related to the issues of migration and borders, and/or racial and economic justice. Workshops and other events that serve to educate and prepare attendees to publicly witness and to perform service, both in Arizona and at home, are especially sought.

Every proposal need not be about immigration; however, a reasonable person must be able to draw a clear connection between the proposed topic(s) and the issue of Justice. For example, a program on water scarcity would be considered, as its relationship to immigration and economic justice is easily demonstrated.

All proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, November 30. Though the Program Proposal Form is short, it still requires the clear description of a fully designed 75-minute event (workshop, worship, etc.). Proposers must assume the participation of people of all abilities and of all generations in all General Assembly activities.

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Questions often come up related to permissible behavior surrounding congregations and political elections, advocacy and lobbying. In collaboration with their legal counsel, the UUA has prepared a guide laying out the boundaries for political speech and action. Check out The Real Rules to be sure your congregation’s actions do not jeopardize your tax-exempt status.

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The Reverend Doug Wadkins, now in his 13th year and the longest settled minister at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, has notified the congregation that this will be his last year serving as minister of BUF. “Throughout this year, my underlying goal is to be deeply present and minister from a place of courage, compassion and integrity with (the congregation), in keeping with our many years of wonderful, powerful and transformative work together,” Doug said in his letter of notification. He plans to stay through the end of June 2012. Details about a send off party and celebration of his work at BUF will be publicized closer to springtime.

“The Peregrine Sonata,” a new full-length play written by the Rev. Amanda Aikman, will be presented by The Driftwood Players in Edmonds, WA. Amanda, consulting minister at Skagit UU Fellowship in Mount Vernon, WA, was selected to be the theater company’s “Spotlight on a New Local Playwright” production for 2012. In this multi-leveled play, five very different women struggle through their work, passions, and art to create a better world. “The Peregrine Sonata” opens January 13 for four performances through January 15. Ticket information is available through the box office: 425-774-9600 or driftwoodplayers.com.

Rev. Dr. James Kubal Komoto and Rev. Marian Stewart, center

Unitarian Universalists around the country are representing the 99% at “Occupy” protests, including here in the Pacific Northwest. We are encouraging PNWD UUs to post your Occupy photos and videos at the PNWD Facebook Page.





Here are You Tube videos we’re aware of so far:

Rev. Rick Davis speaks at Occupy Salem

Rev. Marian Stewart speaks at Occupy SeattleOccupySeattle logo


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Tandi Rogers, PNWD Program Specialist and UUA Growth Strategies Specialist, shares the tender and important lessons she was given during her recent Sabbatical, as our front page Pastoral Message at www.pnwd.org.

Tandi’s planned sabbatical last year was interrupted by the opportunity to serve as Interim Director of the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, a role she took up gladly and whole heartedly. PNWD shared her time with all UUA congregations last year, and we are doing so again this year as Tandi and the Rev. Stefan Jonasson bring the new UUA Office of Growth Strategies into being. She was able to complete the postponed half of her Sabbatical this summer, helping her breathe blessing and balance into her professional and personal life.

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