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RLLS-2015-save-the-date-copyEarlier this month when registration opened, we posted news about the Russell Lockwood Leadership School (RLLS). For a more comprehensive look at this popular adult leadership program, be sure to read the current PNWD front page article.

The UUA’s Mountain Desert District was the home to RLLS for more than twenty years. Last year and this year, we have been fortunate to host it here in PNWD. Next year will begin the rotation through other Pacific Western Region districts. Although RLLS will always be open to PNWD, if you are interested in attending while it is located in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to register and submit your deposit by June 15. Fees, details and deadlines can be found on the RLLS page of the Pacific Western Region website.

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RLLS-LogoYou are invited to invest in yourself and your congregation by engaging in an inspiring and intensive week this summer at the Russell Lockwood Leadership School (RLLS).

Before 2014, this exceptional resource was offered only to congregations of the UUA Mountain Desert District. It now belongs to the entire Pacific Western Region. Last year PNWD was the first district outside of MDD to host RLLS as it begins to move through our four western districts. 2015 RLLS will be held August 8-14 at Dumas Bay Centre in Federal Way, Washington, about a half-hour south of Seattle.

The curriculum of RLLS evolves continuously to present congregational leaders — both lay leaders and religious professionals — with the resources and perspectives to help guide 21st century UU congregations. The exceptional faculty of clergy, congregational and UUA regional staff leaders craft a fully integrated curriculum that weaves leadership, history, theology, relationship and current technology into each presentation.

Leadership School participants must be endorsed by their congregations. To reserve your space you must register and submit your deposit by June 15. For full details and registration and payment information, see the RLLS site. You may also download a tri-fold brochure to share and post.

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Several religious professionals from the Pacific Northwest were honored at the Service of the Living Tradition at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual General Assembly (GA) on June 27, 2014, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Sara Lewis, Olympia UU Congregation

Sara Lewis, Credentialed Religious Educator – Master Lever

Credentialed Religious Educator – Master Level:

Sara Lewis, Director of Religious Education, Olympia UU Congregation (WA)




Credentialed Music Leader:

Mavis G. Cauffman, Music Director and Administrator, UU Congregation of Whidbey Island (Freeland, WA)

Bertram Gulhaugen, Music Director, Westside UU Church (Seattle, WA)


Mavis Cauffman, Credentialed Music Leader


Ministers receiving Final Fellowship:

Rev. Leslie Becknell Marx

Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

Rev. Eric Kaminetzky

Rev. Emily Melcher

Rev. Sarah Movius Schurr


Bert Gulhaugen

Bert Gulhaugen, Credentialed Music Leader

Ministers Completing Full-Time Service

Rev. Jim Anderson

Rev. Bruce Davis

Rev. Annie Holmes

Rev. Marcia Schekel


In Memoriam

Rev. Dr. William H. Houff

Rev. Edgar C. Peara

Rev. Arthur D. Wilmot


See the full list of those honored and remembered in the complete Order of Service from the 2014 Service of the Living Tradition.


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November online learning opportunities begin next week. These mini-seminars, accessed over high-speed internet with a computer, provide low-cost access to information and education for congregations on a variety of topics for lay leaders, ministers, religious educators, and members. By eliminating the barriers of geography, Unitarian Universalists across the region as well as the country, can bring their knowledge and resources to you without environmental impacts and time of travel.

Here’s what’s happening.

jennica davis 192Wednesday November 6, 2013
Good News in Youth Ministry: Beyond Empowerment with Jennica Davis
For Religious Educators, Youth Advisors, Parents and Youth
6:30 – 7:45 PM Pacific Time/ 7:30 – 8:45 PM Mountain Time

Youth advisors, religious educators, youth and parents are invited to an online seminar on new models in youth ministry. Discover sustainable youth ministry models that add depth and dimension to the Youth Empowerment model. Grounded in UU theology and youth/adult partnerships we’ll discuss Relational Ministry and Contemplative youth ministry.


Wednesday November 13, 2013
Committee On (Shared) Ministry with Rev. Nancy Bowen

For Congregational Leadership, CoM, Ministers
7:00 – 8:15 PM Pacific Time/ 8:00 – 9:15 PM Mountain Time

Explore the unique role of Committees on (Shared) Ministry (CoSM) in the elected leadership of the congregations. Is your committee focused on the many ministries of your congregation, mission fulfillment, learning, and assessment? What is the CoM uniquely able to bring to the larger leadership of the congregation?

Wednesday November 20, 2013
‘Touchstone’ Journal with Rev. Nancy Bowen

For Congregational Leadership, Ministers 7:00 – 8:15 PM Pacific Time/ 8:00 – 9:15 PM Mountain Time

Touchstones is a monthly theme based ministry journal exploring a single theme in depth each month:  Beauty, Courage, Faith, Hope. This webinar will explore ideas for using this resource to strengthen worship and ministry.

Those who register by November 13 will receive a complimentary issue of Touchstones!

Click here for Registration Link.

Fees: Each webinar is $15. You are encouraged to participate with your congregational learning team by sharing one connection for a fee of $15. Webinars that have low enrollment 48 hours in advance of the webinar may be cancelled, so please register early.

Please don’t let the fee stop you from participating. Email Lori Ragona at lragona@uua.org if you are in need of a fee waiver for a webinar.

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Washington UU Voices for Justice and the UU Legislative Ministry of California each have position openings at present for executive leadership. Both positions are posted on the Jobs page of the UUA Pacific Western Region.

Washington Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice, a statewide justice ministry and a 501(c)(4) organization, seeks a visionary Coordinator to lead the seven-year old organization into the future by forging connections among UU congregations, maintaining relationships with other State Legislative Networks (SANs), Unitarian Universalist justice organizations and advocacy allies, and developing effective events that mobilize Unitarian Universalists to work for social justice and influence policy. An important goal of the organization is to raise the visibility of Unitarian Universalist values and principles to public policy makers and the larger community, and does so by educating and organizing to support public policies that reflect UU principles of justice, compassion, sustainable living, and civic engagement.

This is a 1/4-time position, with the expectation that time worked will vary through the year with more time working during Washington’s annual legislative session. The position is Developmental thus the successful candidate will be employed on an interim basis and may, by mutual agreement, be awarded a continuing and perhaps expanded contract.

Please visit the organization’s website to review the full position description, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply.



The Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of California (UULMCA), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, educates and organizes to support public policies that reflect UU Principles of justice, compassion, sustainable living and civic engagement. We work together with the UU Legislative Ministry Action Network of California, a  501(c)(4) nonprofit social welfare and lobbying organization, to form a statewide justice ministry which strengthens the moral voice of Unitarian Universalist principles and values in the pubic square. Our service area includes most of the UUA Pacific Southwest and Pacific Central Districts.

The Executive Director is the chief executive and is responsible for providing comprehensive leadership of the organization. Please review the complete job description.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. For inquiries or to apply, contact UULMsearch@gmail.com.


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Nancy bowen 153_192 Robert_Latham134_192GET RELIGION April 26- 28, 2013 with the Reverends Nancy Bowen and Robert Latham at the Pacific Western Regional Assembly. Theology and Practice of Unitarian Universalism as a Big Faith, with No Borders is one of three theme tracks being offered. The others are Grow Leaders, Cross Borders and an Option Track with a variety of short workshop offerings.

Rev. Bowen and Rev. Latham invite you to their all day track with this description, “Let’s explore the role and function of religion in human cultures and connect that with our contemporary Unitarian Universalist understandings of mission, theology, faith, spirituality, community, covenant and practice.

Our time together will be a lively combination of information, video, conversation, practices and music. Seekers of all ages will engage religious pluralism as a large group, in table conversations, with new friends and congregational or district ‘teams.’

Through shared conversation, we’ll recall the fascinating turning points that shape Unitarian Universalism. We’ll trace the development of religion and morality, informed by evolutional psychology. And we’ll discover how this story clarifies implications for Unitarian Universalism in the world.

We’ll explore current inter-generational distinctions and common ground, characteristics of a religious life, and the personal spiritual practices strengthen the community.

What will we make of the future of Unitarian Universalism, and how will we shape an impactful faith as individuals, as congregations and as a Region?”

For more information about this first time ever Pacific Regional Assembly, click here. You’ll find registration, a schedule of events, workshop tracks, full community, and children’s programming. Online Registration deadline is April 19. For any further questions after visiting the website, contact Lori Ragona, PWR Training & Communication Specialist, lragona@uua.org.


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The Rev. Dan Hotchkiss, a UU minister and a senior consultant for the Alban Institute, a national religious consulting organization, talks about church fundraising myths in the “Alban Weekly,” a free email notice that highlights various topics in congregational life. The weekly article begins,

Why do people give to congregations? How you answer this question makes a difference to your fundraising efforts. Luckily, while stewardship theologies vary, there is little mystery or doubt about the motivations behind generous giving. Successful fundraisers, religious and secular, share certain practical beliefs.  

Unsuccessful fundraisers, on the other hand, cling to beliefs that are optimistic, wishful, and mistaken. They allow beliefs about how people should ideally behave to cloud their understanding of why people actually decide to give.  

At the risk of oversimplifying, people give money away for two main reasons…

Intriqued? You can read the rest of the “weekly” article by clicking here. You are likely to be surprised by some of his points, many of which go against conventional wisdom and even current UUA stewardship recommendations. Food for thought, whether or not you decide your congregation’s practices might need updating.

The article is actually an excerpt from a lengthier article in 2012’s third issue of Congregations, the monthly magazine produced for members of the Alban Institute. Many UU  leaders, both professional and lay members, choose to be Alban members in order to receive this magazine as well as to gain access to a wealth of on-line resources and discounts on books.

But anyone can subscribe to the free weekly emails. Some are very helpful, others may not be (you know where the “delete” key is, right?). Try it for a while and see what you think! Sign up at this page. It’s easy to unsubscribe, if you don’t like it. Alban offers a blog and Facebook page, too.


The UUA also has many terrific resources available for eager leaders, of course. Be sure you’re signed up to receive notice of InterConnections, monthly newsletter for congregational leaders, now produced electronically rather than in print. The Interconnections Tipsheet is a blog that’s updated weekly with stories from congregations and resources for leaders. You can follow Interconnections via Facebook as well.

The UU World is published monthly and mailed to UUs as a benefit of congregational membership. (If you belong to a congregation and are not receiving the UU World, talk to your church office administrator!)

UU World‘s current issue and archives can be read on the award-winning online companion site, uuworld.org: liberal religion and life, which is updated with news and original content each week.

The UUA also offers many, many other publications and resources, in hard-copy and on-line, including books, blogs, videos, email list-serves, several Facebook pages, and even a free mobile app! For a quick reference list, click here.


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PNWD Congregations may have recently been contacted with requests to submit nomination forms for candidates running for UUA President or Moderator. Candidates for these elected positions are required by the UUA bylaws to submit a minimum number of nomination forms by February 1, 2013.

Peter Morales, UUA President

Please note that by submitting this form, congregations are not bound to endorse a candidate – they have indicated only support for a candidate’s name to be placed on the ballot for the GA 2013 elections. Multiple candidates may be nominated by any one congregation.


The Rev. Peter Morales is running for re-election to a second 4-year term as UUA President. You may wish to review his Candidate’s media kit.



The UUA Board of Trustees has nominated two persons to consider for a six-year term for the UUA Moderator position according to bylaw section 9.5(a):

Jim Key


Jim Key – You may wish to review the UUWorld profile
 or the Candidate’s Website.

Tamara Payne-Alex

Tamara Payne-Alex – You may wish to review the UUWorld profile or the Candidate’s Website








Several other positions will also be determined by vote of congregational delegates to GA 2013 in Louisville, KY, this summer. You may wish to review information on the UUA Website related to these elections. In addition to President and Moderator, these positions include:

      • Financial Advisor
      • Seven Trustees-at-Large
      • Presidential Nominating Committee for 2017
      • Commission on Appraisal
      • Commission on Social Witness
      • General Assembly Planning Committee
      • Nominating Committee
      • Board of Review

The Nominating Committee is nominating one or more persons for these elective offices and this information will be made public by December 10th.

Additionally, any qualified person may choose to run by petition.  For those planning on running by petition for one of the Board of Trustee positions, the petition must be specified: 1) a term of office – either one year or three years for elections in 2013, and 2) a nominated candidate to run against.

Our elections of people to serve the members and congregations of the Association are at the heart of our fifth principle of our faith and our trust in the democratic process. Please take the opportunity to learn more about the positions available and the process for running by petition.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact  Tom Loughrey, Secretary, at secretary@uua.org.


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Live webinars are a amazingly simple way to meet with other UUs across our Pacific Western Region in the spirit of learning. This month there are three webinars to choose from for you to participate in individually, or with a group from your congregation. Also take a look at PWR Webinar Offerings for December.

Beloved Community Series: with Rev. Deborah Holder & Meck Groot 7-8:30 pm Pacific Time
For Ministers, Boards, Religious Educators, Congregational Leaders & Members
Tuesday, Nov 13: Beloved Community Practices
As religious/spiritual people, we are called to engage in social transformation in ways that do not perpetuate the unhealthy dynamics of dominant activist culture. This webinar will explore attitudes and practices that draw out what is best in ourselves and others.

Good News in Youth Ministry: with Jennica Davis and Dana Regan 6:30-7:30 pm Pacific Time
(Please note the new time. We are hoping to better accommodate those in Mountain time.)
For Youth Advisors & Religious Educators
Wednesday, November 14: Youth/Adult Partnerships
This webinar will look at reinventing “empowerment” to mean that youth and adults are traveling on a spiritual journey together. Spiritual partnerships depend on healthy boundaries, clear expectations and a shared vision.

Continuing the Welcoming Congregation Journey Series with Alex Kapitan 7-8:15 pm Pacific Time
For All Members, Friends, Leadership & Welcoming Congregation Committee
Tuesday, Nov 27: Transgender Identity and Inclusion
This interactive, informative webinar will offer a crash course in transgender identity and provide practical and concrete ways that you and your congregation can be more mindful and supportive of people of all identities and ways of expressing gender. Bring your questions and your curiosity and prepare to leave behind everything you thought you knew about gender!

Online registration is $15 per connection. You are encouraged to participate in a webinar with your congregational team by sharing just one paid registration connection. You may do this via a large computer, tv screen, or a projected screen. The audio is via the phone so a  conference call phone works well for groups. For questions, email the Pacific Western Region Training Coordinator Lori Ragona at lragona@uua.org.

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First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR, invites all Pacific Northwest UUs to attend “Seminary for a Day” on Saturday, October 27, 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM. This year, Meadville Lombard Theological School will present.

The first “Seminary for a Day” hosted by Portland First last year drew UUs from around the district and was highly acclaimed by those who attended. PNWD enthusiastically encourages all congregations to promote this opportunity for UUs to get a glimpse into the seminary experience at this one-day theological education intensive.year, Meadville Lombard Theological School will present.

Click here to download the brochure.

Click here to register with Portland First on-line.

Cost is $50 – partial scholarships are available (see registration form). If you are financially comfortable, please consider an additional donation to help with scholarships for others.

Lee_Barker    lyssa-jenkens-pic    Mark_Hicks    Sharon_Welch

Workshop leaders, left to right: Rev. Dr. Lee Barker,  Dr. Lyssa Jenkens, Dr. Mark Hicks, Dr. Sharon Welch

Meadville Lombard Theological School is an independent, accredited, graduate theological seminary offering the degrees of Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (Religion), Doctor of Ministry, and Master of Arts in Leadership Studies. Meadville graduates enter a variety of vocations including Unitarian Universalist and other ministries, education, social service, and leadership in voluntary associations.

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